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As you wander around the Web, you're bound to find interesting things. You've got oodles of bookmarks or favorites on your browser, and you've a major contributor to You'll always be able to get back to your little discovery now.

Sometimes, though, it's no so much about being able to return to the scene of the crime as it is of grabbing what you found interesting and taking it along with you. Maybe it's a little snippet of text, or an image you want to snap up. Now you want something that'll help you take that little bit of stuff and stick it in your pocket.

Snippy is a tool that lets you grab odd-shaped bits of this-and-that off of your screen. Unlike other screen capture tools, which are restricted to rectangular-shaped regions, Snippy lets you draw a freehand outline around the onscreen region you're interested in, and save that off to the clipboard. (You do have the option of grabbing a rectangular region as well.) With this snippet on your clipboard, you can now paste it into documents or email messages, saving for posterity that nifty little goodie you just ran across. It's important to note that everything you grab with Snippy is saved as an image, even if you're only looking at text. That means that any text you do grab isn't editable.

Snippy is a Windows application. It runs on XP out of the box, or on earlier versions with a little bit of extra attention.

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