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Sometimes less is more. If you're trying to get something written and you're using the latest and greatest high-powered word processor from Microsoft or whoever, chances are it may take you a while to get to where you can start spitting out the words. There are so many bells and whistles that it's easy to get distracted, and you may end up spending more time tweaking the tool than actually using it to get something done. You need something less.

WriteMonkey is less. It's got a clear, bare-bones appearance that lets you concentrate more on the creative process than on the care-and-feeding of the tool. That doesn't mean that you can't make it bend to your will, however. Customize the look and feel of the editor with your choice of fonts and colors. You can set internal bookmarks in your documents, allowing you to easily navigate through your work. It uses a facility it calls "repository" that lets you store notes and meta-data in your document, and lets you toggle back and forth between your text and this extra data. And like any good writing tool, it's got built-in spell check.

WriteMonkey is a Windows app. It'll run under XP (.NET version 2 required), as well as Vista and Windows 7.

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3 Responses to “Write without distraction with WriteMonkey”

  1. Goh Mifune says:

    How does this compare to Q10 or Pyroom(coming soon I believe)?

  2. Votre says:

    It also has optional typewriter sounds you can toggle on and off!

    If you’re from the generation that cut its teeth on IBM, Smith-Corona and Remington typewriters, you’ll be amazed just how much you missed the comforting sounds of keys clacking as you type.

    More than one person I know said they helped get them past a case of writer’s block.

    Terrific app! First class piece of work.

  3. Lefty says:

    This is just the ticket for simple, brain-to-tube writing. Nothing to get between the writer and the words, and no formatting options necessary. Better than a Notepad app, too, because it will retain some formatting for importing into the “mother ship” of OpenOffice, Word, or whatever.

    I agree… first-class work.

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