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We're all familiar with the game "Name That Tune". Given a ridiculously short snippet of music, contestants try to win fame and fortune by correctly identifying a song—"I can name that tune in two notes, Tom!" Or if they come up short, they're sent home with some lovely parting gifts.

In the game show, if you didn't correctly name the song, at least they would reveal the right answer for you eventually. Today, though, if you hear a song on the radio, or even on the Internet, you might not be so lucky. That's a great tune, but nobody's there to tell you what it is, or who's performing it. Maybe you should ask Tunatic.

Tunatic comprises two pieces: a client app you install on your local machine, and a server that it talks to. Use a microphone to grab a sample of what you're listening to and Tunatic will do its best to tell you everything it knows about that song. It only works with recorded music, so you can't play the song back on your kazoo, and of course it only knows tunes that are in its database. So the next time your toes start tapping, give Tunatic a try.

Tunatic is a free download. It's available for both Mac (OS X 10.2 and later) and Windows (Win2k+).

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