SpaceSniffer shows where your hard drive’s free space has gone

runs on Windows
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So why is my hard drive full again? It seems like no matter how much space you've got, you can always figure out a way to fill it. Whether it's all those applications you downloaded, installed, used once, and never went back to, a ton of digital photos, or all those WAV and AIFF sound files you never got around to converting to MP3, you've got no free space left. So where did it all go?

SpaceSniffer is a tool that uses a "treemap" to help you see what's taking up all the space. Files and folders are represented graphically by squares of varying sizes, with the larger squares representing larger-sized files and documents. With just a quick glance, now it's east to see who's taking up all the space. Of course, now that you've identified the problem, it's up to you to figure out what to do about it.

SpaceSniffer is a free Windows application.

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2 Responses to “SpaceSniffer shows where your hard drive’s free space has gone”

  1. Tom Anderson says:

    This application is really great! I have tried another hard drive space mapping app, but this one is really beautiful! It’s hard to stop watching it populate the window, filling it with boxes that represent how big your files take up. A full scan of a 160 GB drive takes a few minutes. It also seemed to take longer on my active Windows partition. But it was really really gives you a grip on the files you’ve got.

    This application takes research on informational visualization and brings it to life in a really great way. Once a folder has been scanned, you can double click it to see what’s inside of it. You should try it for yourself!

  2. Henry says:

    Suggestion for Free Download A Day pages:

    Make the Download button more prominent and put it beside the title/name of the offering being shown.

    (It is a bit hard to find.)

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