Freebie Notes electronic sticky notes

runs on Windows
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Freebie Notes is a quick and dirty electronic sticky note application. While it doesn't necessarily incorporate all the features of a more robust (and more pricey) tool, it just may take care of business for you.

You can create an unlimited number of notes, with a maximum recommended size of about 4000 characters each. That's a pretty sizeable note. You can adjust your notes' appearance: color, location on your desktop, transparency (Win2k and later) so that they don't get in your way onscreen. Set basic alarms to remind yourself of important tasks you need to take care of, or flag them with the "VIP" setting. Now your notes will jump up, flash, change color, and generally make a nuisance of themselves until you respond. If you've ever missed an important meeting or phone call because you hit Cancel instead of Snooze, you'll appreciate this.

Freebie Notes is a Windows application. It will run on systems with Win98 and later.

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  1. This seems like an interesting freeware. Will give it a try