Use Clavier+ to create keyboard shortcuts

runs on Windows
screenshot of Clavier+

While a program with a name like Clavier+ sounds like it ought to do all things musical, the connection to the musical instrument is not the obvious one. Clavier+ is a keyboard (get it?) shortcut tool, letting you issue commands or type text with just a keystroke or two.

With Clavier+, you can designate a hotkey to run an application, another one to open a URL in your default web browser, or even use it to type text into a document. For the more rodentially-inclined, it will even simulate a mouse action for you. Your hotkeys can be used systemwide, or you can specify a particular app to apply them to. With the ability to add pauses, you can open an app, create a new window, and then type text into it all from one hotkey. Pretty slick.

Clavier+ is a Windows application.

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