Rooler helps speed your onscreen layout tasks

runs on Windows
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Rooler is a set of tools that can help you with your onscreen measuring and layout needs. Whether you're designing a web page or building forms and dialogs for a desktop application, it's important to get the layout "just right".

Move your mouse pointer into any region of the screen, and the Dimensions tool will let you know how far it is from the edges of that chunk of real estate, making it easier to position design elements on your page or dialog box. The Bounds tool lets you rough-out regions on your screen to see how much space is between adjacent elements. Inspect lets you zoom in to examine individual pixels on your display. With Snip you can capture regions on the screen and save them to the clipboard.

Rooler is a free application for Windows systems. It runs under WinXP and requires the .NET Framework (version 3.5 SP1).

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  1. Austinkir says:

    yes… yes… YES!!! This is beautiful, just beautiful.

  2. dawn says:

    this app rools.

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