Reduce onscreen distractions with Backdrop

runs on Mac
screenshot of Backdrop

Are you easily distracted? Do you have to turn your email off to keep from taking a look each time a new email from your favorite Nigerian prince comes in? Does your IM app keep you busy all day? If you lose your concentration every time something shiny flashes at you from your screen, maybe it's time to suppress all that extraneous activity on your computer.

If this all sounds like you, Backdrop can help make your life a little easier and more productive. Just fire it up, and it fills your screen, successfully obscuring all the apps running on your system except for the front-most application. Now instead of getting all bogged down with all the excitement happening in the background, you can focus on the task at hand, and actually get some work done.

Another use of Backdrop is for use when taking screenshots. If it usually takes you five minutes to tidy up your desktop to give your screen captures a clean background, all you need to do is invoke Backdrop and you've got instant clean.

Backdrop is a Mac application.

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