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How do you know if you're a real math nerd? Does your heart go pitter-pat at the very thought of a pair of Cartesian coordinates? Are functions your life? Maybe you should take Graph out for a spin.

Graph lets you draw all kinds of functions—normal functions, parameter functions, polar functions. It's got built-in trig and log functions as well. Enter your parameters, choose the appearance you want—fonts, colors, axes—and go. Use shading to fill the area under a curve. Give it a series of points and it'll draw a trend line for you. When you're all done, you can even save your handiwork as an image (PNG, BMP, JPEG) or as a PDF.

Graph is a free Windows application. You should be able to use it on systems running Win98 and later.

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  1. Peter says:

    To be used to draw graphs of booking stats

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