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It's a big world out there. If you want to share your work, whether ideas, images, or what-have-you, with everybody else, you've got to move it from your desktop onto the appropriate server. Whether it's a web page, a file archive, or some more exotic location, nobody will appreciate your brilliance until they see your stuff.

AnyClient is a platform-independent file transfer tool. Written in Java, you can use it for bare-bones FTP exchanges, encrypted SFTP transfers, or even for WebDAV sessions. You can choose to download it and install it on your local machine, or run it via a Java applet through your web browser, with no installation required. Either way, you can save your connection information in a site profile, allowing you to easily connect to your servers again and again.

AnyClient is a free application. You'll need to have an appropriate version of the Java runtime installed on your system.

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