Rip and convert audio with Max for your Macs

runs on Mac
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There are lots of ways to rip your CDs to audio files. iTunes will give you a quick-and-dirty copy of your favorite tunes, but that doesn't give you much flexibility. MP3s are pretty easy, but it can get tricky to try to go beyond that.

Max is a tool that lets you grab audio content and save it in high-quality files. It supports most popular audio formats, and lets you easily convert files between formats. To maximize speed, you can choose a no-error-correction mode for ripping cuts from a new CD, or you can slow the process down and filter-out any noise you may be picking up from older disks. It's even integrated with MusicBrainz, so you can automatically grab performer and track information as well.

Max is a Mac application. It requires OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later.

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