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To say there's a difference between Windows and *NIX is an understatement. While there may be a bunch of applications written for each platform that help you do what needs doing, there is a fundamental divergence between them in terms of how to accomplish the completion of those tasks. Windows developers tend to create tools that are not unlike the fabled Swiss Army knife—a single tool that does a whole bunch of different things. Linux and other UNIX-like platforms seem to be populated primarily by small tools, each of which does a single task, but does it well. An exception to this dichotomy is the Windows application ImageTypeConverter.

Rather than being a total soup-to-nuts image manipulation solution, ImageTypeConverter strives to do one thing, but to do it well. If you give it an image in one of JPG, GIF, PNG, or BMP format, as well as a Windows icon image, it will convert that image into any others of the formats. It's simple to use—just drag and drop your image file and the conversion's as good as done.

ImageTypeConverter is a free (for non-commercial use) Windows application. It runs under WinXP and Vista.

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