tinySpell: the spell check tool for apps that don’t have spell check

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With computers, there's no reason for misspelled words. Sure, you've got the occasional "affect" vs. "effect", or "your" vs. "you're", but when it comes to real typos, there's just no excuse. Word processors, spreadsheet apps, presentation management tools—they've all got built-in spell check capability. Unfortunately, though, there are still some tools that don't provide that kind of help. When you type a quickie little note into Notepad, for example, you're on your own in terms of spelling, 'cause it won't check for you. Unless you add a tool like tinySpell.

tinySpell is a spellcheck tool for applications that don't include that functionality themselves. Tell tinySpell which apps to pay attention to and which to ignore. You can use it to check your spelling in real time as you type, or you can check in batches by copying your text to the clipboard. Either way, you can fix the error yourself, or choose from a list of suggested alternative—correct—spellings.

There are two free versions of tinySpell: one for Windows 98, and another for Win2k / XP / Vista.

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2 Responses to “tinySpell: the spell check tool for apps that don’t have spell check”

  1. Marcel says:

    Or you just learn how to spell correctly instead of depending on software like this…

  2. Ashraf Sabry says:

    @Marcel: Even if I can spell correctly, still everyone is prone to typing errors due to speed or low concentration.