Welcome To The Wonderful World of Chemistry: Periodic Table

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The most prominent item on the wall of any high school (or college) Chemistry classroom or lab is a great big Periodic Table of the Elements. Even though the chart itself is huge, the amount of information it actually conveys is pretty small. After all, with well over a hundred elements, the overall space is cut up into relatively small slices.

Periodic Table is a free Windows application that gives you a lot more info than that great big chart. Along with the expected chemical symbol and atomic number, you can check out all the vital stats: atomic weight, boiling- and melting point, electron configuration, and more. In addition, it has built-in search capabilities as well: look for elements based on name, symbol, or even properties like its atomic radius.

Periodic Table doesn't cost anything—financially—to download and use, but that doesn't mean it comes without responsibilities: you're required to embrace personal growth, act responsibly toward the environment, and treat others with respect.

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