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runs on Windows
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It's a great idea to try to stay on top of things. Unfortunately, there's only so many hours in the day / week / month. Keeping an eye on web pages, blogs, RSS feeds and more can be a daunting—and frankly impossible—task. Having an extra set of eyes could come in very helpful. Enter Web Monitor.

Web Monitor is a tool that will help you keep an eye on all these types of resources and more. Need to know when this web page changes, or when that news feed has new content? Web Monitor can keep an eye on it for you , and let you know when things have changed out there. Sitting unobtrusively in your System Tray, this tool will watch what you tell it to, and get back to you when it sees changes. You can set the re-check frequency, so you can check current news every five minutes, while checking more static resources less often. It'll highlight changes for you, so that you'll be able to easily pick out what's new in the world.

Web Monitor is a free download for your Windows system.

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