Unit Converter tells you how many pecks there are in a bushel

runs on Windows
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The hills are alive with the sound of measurement. Huh? We measure everything: time, distance, mass, volume, pressure, and more. That's all good, until we need to start converting measurements from one unit to another. How many meters are there in a mile? How many cups in a quart? How many dollars in a Euro? Now life has become complicated.

Unit Converter tries to help you make sense of it all. Supporting over 900 different types of units, it's not likely that you're going to need a conversion that it can't help you with. And it's smart enough to take what you want to hand it and not complain: ask it for the number of feet in 2/3 of a kilometer, and it'll do the math for you. That's handy. And since it's an app you install on your computer, you don't have to be online to use it. It's distributed as a single file, so you're not going to have bits and pieces of it strewn across your system; and if there comes a time when you want to uninstall it, you just delete the executable and it's gone.

Unit Converter is a free Windows application. It'll run on any system from Win98 through Vista.

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  1. Sam Frizzell says:

    Remember being taught in school all those measurements, and how to convert them ?
    Me neither !!! UNIT CONVERTER DOES, and
    it’s free to boote. More usefull then a Swiss
    Army knife, definently USEKEEP FREEWARE.

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