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runs on Mac
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Sometimes less is more. If you've got a bunch of files on your desktop and you want to get them out of the way, you could move the somewhere else. Or you could just hide them. Or suppose you want to hide some secret document or directory from potentially prying eyes. A tool like Hide Folders may give you the help you need.

Hide Folders lets you just drag and drop folders or individual files into its window. Once they're there, just click the Hide button, and they magically disappear. And to bring them back? Just reverse the process by clicking on the Show button. There's also a checkbox that allows you to password-protect your hidden goodies, but it's only live in the paid version of this tool.

While this functionality can give you a hand in keeping files and folders out of your way, you really shouldn't rely on it for serious security. Behind the curtain here, all the app is doing is sticking a "dot" at the beginning of the name of each file and folder that you're hiding, in the tried-and-true UNIX fashion. That means, for example, that you're not going to see your hidden files when you tool around in Finder, but in a terminal window, all you need to do is list your target directory with "ls -a" and you're going to see your hidden file.

Hide Folders is a free Mac application. It's a Universal Binary, so it'll run on your PowerPC or Intel machine. It requires OS X 10.3.9 or later.

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