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runs on Windows
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No matter how many pretty pictures our programs put up on the screen, what we humans are really interested in is the words. While images do a lot to help convey meaning, generally textual content is more specific, and less ambiguous. Reading all that text is important to getting things done. But it becomes a real challenge if the words go flashing by like the credits at the end of a TV show. How are you ever going to see what has flashed across the screen?

Textractor can help you to grab this text. Just tell it which application to monitor, and it'll keep track of all the text that the app writes to the screen, and log it. Now you can go back and peruse it at your leisure, including copy-and-paste into other apps if you like.

Textractor is a free Windows application. It's compatible with systems running WinNT, 2000, and XP.

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