Flexible Renamer makes sense of filenames

runs on Windows
screenshot of Flexible Renamer

Files have names. Even files that have no data—zero-byte files—still have names. Sometimes those names make sense: firefox.exe. Sometimes they don't: HP326475.jpg. Renaming files isn't that complicated a task, either via Windows Explorer or in a terminal window. Renaming a bunch of files gets much more complicated. Using a batch renaming tool can be a real help here.

Flexible Renamer, as its name suggests, can give you a hand with this tedious task. Sure, it can do straight-up file renaming, but its capabilities don't stop there. You can use it to move files to different directories on your system. It supports Perl-like regular expressions, which is handy when you've got a bunch of renaming to do. In addition, you can change characters from upper- to lower-case and vice versa, add or remove numbers, and even tweak timestamps and file attributes.

Flexible Renamer is a free Windows app. It runs under Windows 2000 or later.

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