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Email is probably the biggest use of the Internet. Just think about the number of messages you send—or the amount of SPAM you receive—in a given day, and you'll realize what a big deal it is. And it's used for more than just communicating with Nigerian princes. We've all sent ourselves an email to remind us of a "to do" item that we need to take care of. And then there's file transfer. It's easy to email Mom a photo from your last vacation, or to send a copy of the Johnson Project report to a co-worker.

While it's easy to use email for file transfer purposes, maybe it isn't the most efficient way to handle this task. After all, you've got to create the email, make a little introductory small talk, tell your recipient that you're sending them something, attach the file, etc., etc. When you send it, your email client often will save a local copy of the message, plus a copy of that attachment. Now not only is it taking extra time, but it's eating up storage space as well.

Filemailer is a dedicated use-email-to-transfer-files tool. All you have to do is enter the info for your recipient and then just drag the file you want to send over their name and click the Send button. No muss, no fuss—your file is just sent, with no copy generated in your Sent box or any of that foolishness. It's a pretty simple, no-nonesense way to deal with this issue.

Filemailer is a Mac application. You'll need to be running OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later to use it.

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