ERUNT: The Emergency Recovery Utility NT

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In the World of Windows, the Registry is everything. This magical repository of data is where Windows keeps all the important info it needs to find things and function correctly. It's nice that it's all in this one location, but then that means you need to be extra careful to make sure that it stays intact. The ability to backup and restore this all-important database is crucial if you take your Windows machine seriously.

ERUNT—The Emergency Recovery Utility NT—can help you keep your system up and running. It backs up the entire system Registry to the location of your choice. Now when the unthinkable happens and a piece of the Registry gets trashed, you're not left twisting in the wind. All you need to do is to restore and you're up and running again.

Along with the expected backup and restore functionality, there are several other Registry-related tools offered here. Like other files, for example, the Registry can become fragmented over time, and they've got a tool to defrag your registry, putting a bit more spring in your computer's step.

ERUNT works with any version of Windows that's built around the NT kernel, including WindowsNT, 2000, XP, and Vista, as well as the various server flavors.

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5 Responses to “ERUNT: The Emergency Recovery Utility NT”

  1. Marcel says:

    I thought Windows XP offered the oportunity to make a backup of your register as well. Besides, I’ve heard it can be dangerous to let programs “clean up” or “defragment” your register, as it may cause serious problems. I’m not too sure about this program.

  2. kalmly says:

    Windows XP has system restore points – that don’t always work. It doesn’t have an applet to back up the registry. I agree with the previous commenter about the dangers of cleaning the registry. However, the registry can become corrupted in numerous other ways. ERUNT is a small, easy to use, dependable, program that has saved me many times over the years. I wouldn’t be without it.

  3. RomeoRob says:

    THIS is an EXCELLENT program, which, in my humble opinion, should be installed on every computer .

  4. Marcel says:

    With regedit (through Start > Run) you can export your register. I think that’s practically the same as making a backup, isn’t it?

  5. justme says:

    Anyone figure out how to autorun at startup in VISTA?

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