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Everybody knows that their computer has a system clock. While this may be useful in reminding you when it's time to go eat lunch, it's got other less-mundane responsibilities as well. The timestamp you see on each file on your system, for example, comes from that same internal clock. Different applications rely on system clock functionality as well. If you run accounting software, it's important to know when the end of the month is and all that. System clock again. Sometimes, though, you may want things to happen at a different time.

You can always reset the clock on your computer, but that may complicate your life in unforeseen ways. If you've got things that happen at a particular time, like big-deal virus scans of your hard drive, you may not want to trigger that functionality. RunAsDate is a little utility that can give you a hand here.

Rather than having to reset your system clock, you use RunAsDate to change the time for just one specific application at a time. Need to double check some end-of-the-month process in Quicken, but don't want to mess-up the timestamps on all your email? This is your answer. (It would have been handy to have back when we were all excited about Y2K testing.)

RunAsDate is a free Windows app. It can run under Win2k and later.

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  1. Ricky says:

    thanks so much! god i love this site

  2. Amin says:

    Salutations all! I had an inquire regarding this device “Runasdate”. According to the creators and yourself (respectively) you all say all you really have to is insert a desired date/time for your program to run on. Well, I’m understanding how to use it even after having watched some video clips on youtube (tutorials). Take today’s date June 18, would/could I arrange the date to five years back and uncheck the statement – “move time forward according…”? Please help

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