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runs on Windows
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We all love countdown timers. Only 327 shopping days 'til Christmas! Only 187 days to graduation! The list goes on. If you want to do a countdown to Aunt Sophie's birthday, though, you're probably not going to find it ready-made out there.

TimeLeft lets you create your own countdown timer, or any of several different time-related functions. Along with counting down to a particular time or date, you can count up with a stopwatch, keep track of working days or hours until a deadline, or even replace the clock in the System Tray. You can display the time in any time zone, and even schedule pop-up reminders for stuff you've gotta' do. You can resize all these reminders and clocks to just the right size for your system.

TimeLeft is a free Windows application. You're limited to one of each type of clock or reminder, or you can get an unlimited number if you upgrade to their paid version.

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