Get in the backup habit with GFI Backup Home Edition

runs on Windows
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How important is your data? Whether it's the design for your new web site, last year's taxes, or the photos from your vacation, life wouldn't be nearly as much fun if they all went away. Backing up your data is—or should be—at the top of your "to do" list.

If you're looking to start a backup regimen or maybe to improve on your current procedures, GFI Backup Home Edition may deserve a look. With its wizard interface, it's easy to get set up. You can choose where you want your archives to be stored, whether it's on another local hard drive, or across your network. Or you can back up to optical media (e.g. CD-ROM), removable media like USB thumb drives, or even to a remote location via FTP. They use ZIP files for your backups, so you're not tied into some proprietary file format. Your backups can even be made self-extracting, and can be split into smaller pieces to span volumes.

GFI Backup Home Edition is a Windows application. You'll need to be running XP or Vista to take advantage of this free tool.

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  1. Honey Singh says:

    Data is the most precious thing in the computer and we often reflects carelessness towards it.GFI Backup is an awesome and free tool to backup and recover your data.for the suggestions and information’s.

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