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runs on Windows
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Did you ever have one of those days—or lifetimes—where you know you worked yourself half to death, but you can't for the life of you remember exactly what you spent your time doing? Sure, if you're writing the Great American Novel, it may be easy to remember how you spent your day (umm, writing?), but if you spend you time doing this and that and something else, it may be easy to let it all slip through the cracks. TimeSnapper may be what you've been looking for.

This tool will automatically take screen shots of your desktop on a schedule you dictate. What better way to know that you've been doing than to look at your computer's screen? It's smart enough to figure out when your system is idle, so you're not going to get a bunch of screenshots overnight when nothing interesting is happening. You can define how long you want to keep your images around, or limit the amount of storage space your screenshots take up, so your hard drive won't be filled with pictures of your desktop.,

TimeSnapper is a free download for your Windows system.

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