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runs on Windows
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We're always looking for a way to keep track of all the little bits and pieces of information that come into our lives each day. Piles of legal pads on the desk, handfuls of PostIt's on the monitor, an email in-box bursting at the seams—you know the drill. It would be nice to be able to stick all this stuff in one place, where you could store it, and then hopefully retrieve it as you need it.

ActionOutline Lite is a tool that you can use to do just that. Built around a tree outline form, you can now stick all your random musings, important phone numbers, and everything else in one place. There's no limit to the number of outline items you can create, although your ability to create sub-items is limited in this free tool. It's easy to drag-and-drop nodes as you organize and re-organize your thoughts. You can even flag important items for followup.

ActionOutline Lite is a Windows application. It will run under Windows 2000 and later, for both 32- and 64-bit versions.

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  1. Votre says:

    You should check the limitations imposed on the ActionOutline Lite before you download it.

    Not being able to export the outline files to HTML or RTF, and the inability to copy your outline to the clipboard as text are showstopper restrictions IMHO.

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