Keep track of your USB devices with USBDeview

runs on Windows
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How many USB devices do you have attached to your system? With thumb drives, optical drives, potable hard drives, printers, input devices, and more available through USB, you've probably got quite a few. Want to know how many, and what they're all doing?

USBDeview is a tool that keeps an eye on all things USB on your system. Not only does it report on items currently connected—device name, type, connection status—but it even maintains a database of items previously connected as well. Need to uninstall a device? This tool can give you a hand. Want to disconnect an item currently connected? Ditto. You can even keep track of devices attached to a remote system, as long as you're logged-in as an Admin user.

USBDeview is a Windows application. It runs under Win2k and later.

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  1. Stephanus says:

    “Potable” hard drives? Never been that thirsty!

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