Keep track of network configurations with NetSetMan

runs on Windows
screenshot of NetSetMan

If you've got a portable computer, then you know that you probably spend too much time tweaking configurations. Your network at home uses fixed IP addresses; the network at school uses DHCP; when you plug into your buddy's system, you've got yet another set-up to deal with. What a pain in the neck.

NetSetMan is a tool that helps take some of that pain out of frequent system reconfigurations. Rather than having to fiddle with each setting one at a time—IP address, default gateway, DNS servers, and all that—you can save whole configurations. Now it's just as easy as choosing a profile when you move from here to there. In addition, it helps you to keep track of your computer's name, printer addresses, workgroups, and more.

NetSetMan is a free Windows application. You can use it for any non-commercial purpose (home, school, non-profit). If you want to use it at work, you need to upgrade to the "Pro" version.

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