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runs on Windows
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When you're out tooling around in the world, you need to check your email from time to time. Back at home or in the office, it doesn't much matter how big your messages are—you just download them and go about your business. When you're going portable, you may not want to download the photos from your nephew's dance recital or your niece's ballgame. You need an email client that lets you decide what you want to download, and when.

nPOP is just such a tool. It's got a small installation footprint, so you save space on your hard drive already. But the serious advantage comes when it's time to check your mail. Instead of automatically downloading all your new messages from the server, it just grabs message headers, like an old USENET reader, and lets you choose which messages to actually download. You'll know what's up there, without taking up the space and bandwidth necessary to actually download it all onto your portable machine. And if you like this model, you can certainly install this tool onto your desktop box as well.

nPOP is a free download. There are versions available for your Win32 desktop system (Windows 95 and later) as well as for your Windows CE-equipped device.

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2 Responses to “nPOP portable email client”

  1. I’m actually looking out for a small ‘Mail-Account-Checker’ – but this one does not work for me.

    nPop occupies only 6 MB of Memory and it handels multiple accounts, but has only a global setting for check-intervals. Most Freemail-Provider allow access only every 15 Minutes, while I wish to check my premium accounts every 3 Minutes.

    So I have to keep on searching. Greetz HM

  2. megaman says:

    I don’t like it. Poppeeper, FTW! Plus, it looked more confusing than Poppepper.

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