Logotag Free is a free complete CAD 2D tool

runs on Windows
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If you're serious about CAD, you probably have a pretty big bank account. We've come a long way from the days of T-squares and eraser shields, so if you're going to put together some mechanical drawings, you're going to need to make sure you've got the right software tools—that's where the big pile of money comes in. Well, as it turns out, you may not need all that cash anyway.

Logotag Free is a free tool for 2D CAD. While the free part is nice, free isn't worth too much if it doesn't get the job done. This guy can import AutoCAD files, both DWG and DXF, and has a full complement of functionality to let you create, modify, and trim all the elements of your drawing. Add to that dimensioning, and you're almost done. Save and print your files, and now your design can become a reality.

Logotag Free is a Windows application.

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  1. Sal Ely says:

    Slow download speed, missing dll file, non functioning software, may not even be in English (?).

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