File uploads and transfers are easy with Fling

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Whether you're building websites or just moving a bunch of files from here to there, you're familiar with File Transfer Protocol—FTP—applications. These are the magical tools that let you connect to remote servers and move your files around, as if their folders were living on your local machine. There are a bunch of different tools that can give you a hand with this process, but each one of them has a bit of a learning curve. If you want to transfer a file, do you drag-and-drop? or double-click? or maybe type a name into a textbox? It can get confusing.

With Fling, you don't have to be confused any more. You just create a Fling folder on your desktop, or other location on your local system. Now when you need to transfer a file, you just drag in into that folder. You can configure whether file transfer will take place immediately, or if you want to do things in batches—maybe once an hour or so. It makes it easy to update your website, keep a remote copy of files you're working on locally, or to move your files to just about any other remote location. You can even right-click on files in Windows Explorer to upload them directly, without having to drag them around on your desktop. How easy is that?

Fling is a free Windows application. It runs under any system from Win2k on up.

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  1. Marcel says:

    I’ve been using Filezilla for the past year and it suits me just fine. I won’t go trying this application. Anyone else have experience with Fling?

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