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So you need to post a quickie web page, but you're not interested in going through all the foolishness of registering a domain, setting up a server, and on and on. Your choices would seem to be pretty limited. You might want to check out

This free service allows you to post just about anything as a web page. Of course you can grab HTML documents and put them up there, but there's more. Image and photo files are fair game, as are all manner of audio files, text files—including pages of code—word processing documents, archive files, and more. Just use your browser to select your local file, click the button to upload, and that's it. After your file is converted to a web page, you'll get back a unique URL that you can access directly. You and others can look at your handiwork, or download the original file.

Now bear in mind that there's no way of knowing exactly how long your file will remain available, so you won't want to put mission-critical stuff up there to have it disappear, but if you need to share something quickly, it's a pretty good setup. is a free online service. You should be able to access it from just about any machine running a recent web browser.


3 Responses to “Convert any file into a public web site”

  1. will try it seems interesting

  2. Tom Tac says:

    The fine print gives them a license that is essentially taking ownership of the content. I understand that needs the legal right to host your content, modify it into a web page, and let others look at it and download it, but I wish the license was limited to just that. Otherwise, this is a fine tool, after all it did work when I tried it. If I had any other comment, it would be a request to let me upload without any conversions, since the URL I embedded was automatically modified and thus didn’t work.

  3. Sandy Moffett says:

    page doesn’t work

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