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Why do newspapers use all those columns? It actually makes things easier to read—instead of having to track all the way across the page, you eyes only have to read across one column at a time. This makes it easier and faster to get through the story.

Why do most web pages and Word DOCs use only a single column? Probably because it's easier to build them that way. You can break these big chunks of text up into more manageable pieces with Tofu.

While this tool may be named after the most bland food known to humanity, it's anything but bland in its own right. If you've got a web page, a document, or any other content you'd like, to deal with more easily, stick it into Tofu. You can copy and paste, or browse to a file and open it directly into this tool. It seems to work pretty well, although it can be disconcerting to look at a blog page, for example, and see the sidebar broken into multiple columns. Also, the display on stuff that was already in columns can get kind of messy. Nevertheless, it's easy to use, and may just give you the help you've been looking for.

Tofu is a Mac application. It's a Universal binary, so it's equally at home on your PowerPC- or Intel-powered Mac. It runs under OS X version 10.4 and later.

Download Tofu

2 Responses to “It's easier to read columns”

  1. Adrian N says:

    Could not find the site to download Tofu on my WinXP Media Center Edition 2005 Desktop. Is there another alternate site?

  2. Bernard says:

    The link does seem to be broken, but as it’s a Mac application there wouldn’t be much point in downloading it on to an XP machine …

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