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For storing multiple files, archiving tools are the way to go. Whether it's a part of a formal backup process, or you just need to squirrel some stuff away, it's great to be able to grab a bunch of files and just ZIP them up and put them away. Not only do you have the advantage of cramming everything into a single file—making is much less likely that you'll lose any of it—but the fact that you're compressing these means that you'll have to dedicate much less room to storage than you did when the files were still in their original form.

Filzip is a free tool that lets you create archives of all shapes and descriptions: ZIP, Microsoft's CAB files, Java JAR files, TAR.GZ tarballs, and more. Add password protection if you like; convert between various formats; and even make your archive self-extracting, so you can send it along to somebody else without wondering whether they have the right tool to open it up. In addition, it can extract files from several additional archive formats, including ARC and RAR.

Filzip is a free download for Windows.

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