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There's a lot of stuff out in the world to keep track of: finances, inventories, contact info, and more. Sometimes you need a big-deal tool for this, like a full-fledged SQL client-server system. But if you're looking a something a little more modest, like your own finances or inventory, that's certainly overkill. If you're on Windows, a tool like Microsoft Access may be what you want here. Relatively easy to set-up and administer, it may have all the functionality you want. On Mac, there's always FileMaker. On Linux systems, your choices are much more limited.

Kexi is an open source application that lets you create and populate your own databases. It doesn't depend on Java or .NET, so it will run faster than tools that have those types of dependencies. Create forms to make data entry easier. Copy and paste lets you manually grab data from other apps, or import data from CSV files directly.

Designed as a Linux application, Kexi is also available for Mac OS X (as a Fink package), and for Windows, although this port appears to be a paid version.

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