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if you type a lot, and what you type is complicated, you're probably a big fan of autocomplete. You may have seen it in action in your web browser—start typing in the domain name of a site you visit frequently, and up pops the rest of the name, just waiting for you to select it, rather than having to type it into the address box. This type of help is particularly useful when you're writing code. Some of those function names are pretty long, and as we all know, neatness counts, and getting close doesn't mean much either.

While lots of IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) provide autocompletion, not all do. And even then, maybe you'd like to add this functionality to a plain-vanilla text editor or some other app.

LetMeType is an autocompletion tool that works with any application. It runs in the background behind your other apps, and after a while it analyzes what you type and starts to make its own suggestions. It's certainly easier to type a letter or three, rather than to have to enter some long, complicated text. And you don't have to worry about typos, because you're not doing the typing. Of course if you misspell a word religiously while LetMeType is learning, you may teach it that wrong spelling.

LetMeType is a free download. It runs on Windows systems.

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