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The Start Menu that Windows provides is a quick-and-easy way to launch programs on your system. Rather than having to dig through the entire contents of your hard drive, these little shortcuts make it easy to get things rolling. Unfortunately, if you've got more than a trivial number of applications that you use, this Menu can get way out of control. Maybe it's time to impose some order on it with SMOz.

Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, SMOz makes it easy to put your apps where you want them. Starting with a customizable template of categories, you organize the Menu so that you can find the things you need when you need them. No games? Get rid of the Games category. Use a couple of email clients? Add their own category.

SMOz is a Windows application. It runs under Windows XP, and requires version 2.0 (or later) of the .NET Framework.

Download SMOz

6 Responses to “Keep your Windows Start Menu organized”

  1. Clive Taylor says:

    All download links (including searched links) seem broken!

  2. LeRoy Laycock says:

    You must register [free] to be able to download. I did.

  3. fivekitten says:

    It downloaded fine for me. Wish there was a better “help,” not sure how to import all the menu items I have or do I have to go one by one? There’s an import on the tool bar but it’s asking for an .ini file.

  4. fivekitten says:

    Must of been my slow computer. Everything showed up in their file named “empty.” But I can’t seem to delete the Games Windows folder they put in and another one won’t delete.

  5. fivekitten says:

    Well guess I’ll stop commenting. Right click then “remove” deletes a category instead of “Edit” then Delete.

  6. Just one more comment…useful app! I recommend it!

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