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Redecorating can be fun and interesting. New colors, different fabrics—it can be quite addictive. But when you take it to the extreme, you're making a lot more work for yourself. While it's fun to grab a paintbrush and spruce the place up, dragging a sofa from one side to the room to the other isn't maybe so much fun. Now add into the mix the fact that that new living room suite doesn't actually fit into the living room—what now? Or maybe you're moving into a new place. Will the bed fit into the master bedroom? Is that really a "dine in" kitchen, or is it too small for anything but TV trays?

Floorplanner is a free service that can help you answer these questions before it's too late. Draw your room, add some furniture, and start re-arranging. It's easy to play "what-if" games, and you won't throw your back out in the process.

Floorplanner is free for personal use. It should work with any modern web browser.

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