Free Mac image viewer and browser

runs on Mac
screenshot of Xee

It it time to finally get around to cataloging all those digital photos you've got on your computer? Giving them real names might help; maybe it would be nice to sort them into categories: vacation, holidays, stuff you'd rather forget.

Xee is a free image viewer and browser. You can use it like you would Preview, but with its smaller footprint and lower memory requirement, it's faster and requires fewer system resources. You can browse all the images in a folder at once, or focus on a specific picture. You can rotate and crop your images, and it supports copying, moving, renaming, and deletion of pictures, even while they're open in this app. As you'd expect, all the regular file formats are supported, as are some additional ones. Zoom in and out, or even view in fullscreen mode.

Xee runs on your OS X-powered Mac. It requires version 10.4 or later, although they do still offer a down-rev edition for 10.3 users.

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