MonoCalendar is like iCal for non-Macs

runs on Windows
screenshot of MonoCalendar

By their own admission, the folks who put together MonoCalendar think that iCal is pretty hot. Unfortunately, with iCal being an Apple product, there isn't much interest on the part of the folks from Cupertino in making it available on any other platform. That's where MonoCalendar comes in.

Designed specifically to run on Windows, MonoCalendar lets you enter and track events and meetings, set alarms and reminders, and otherwise do all the stuff you'd expect from a well-behaved calendaring app. Drag appointments around the screen to change their times. It supports multiple calendars, so your work and home life don't have to collide, but you can superimpose them on one another so that you won't schedule that important meeting at the same time as Sallly's Little League game.

MonoCalendar is admittedly a work in progress. The developers would love to get your feedback on what they've got so far, and ask for your input and feedback.

MonoCalendar requires version 1.1 of the .NET Framework.

Download MonoCalendar

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