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runs on Windows
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If you have the fortune—or misfortune—to work on two different computers, then you know all about the challenges of keeping the documents on them "in sync". You want to make sure that you're always working on the latest copy of the Johnson proposal, and you certainly don't want to replace the newest version with something you dug up from last week. If you start copying files willy-nilly from one machine to the other, you run the real risk of overwriting your hard work with some lame earlier draft.

Briefcase Plus can help you keep a handle on all these documents. Load your documents into briefcase and move them to your other machine. Make your edits, and save them back into the briefcase. Now when you return to the first machine, you've got those latest edits, and you can sync them with the files on your first system. It's only going to overwrite files on your computer with files from the briefcase with a later timestamp, which means that you shouldn't have to worry about working half the night, only to get last week's version of that report back. Briefcase files are compressed, so you can carry a bunch of data back and forth with you

Briefcase Plus is a free Windows application. It runs under all 32-bit flavors of Windows, from Win95 up through (at least) XP.

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