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XML code lives in text-only files. Sometimes, though, that file can get pretty complicated. While you can write XML, or HTML, C++, or any other code in a plain old text editor, it may be easier to work with an IDE that lets you keep track of what you're really creating.

Cooktop is an editor and development environment for XML and related files. It uses color coding to help you keep track of where you are. It checks for validity and well-formedness, so you won't have to worry about whether your code will do what it's supposed to.

It comes with a warning, however. Because it's doing a bunch of different things all at the same time, it may save files—and overwrite earlier versions—with no advance warning, and without asking you for permission first. Because of this behavior, they advise that you be sure to work with a copy rather than your only existing version of a file.

Cooktop is a free Windows application. It comes in two flavors: one (version 2.2) for Win95 through XP, and another (2.5) form NT/2000/XP only.

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  1. app103 says:

    v.2.2 that works with Win9x is not available. The download link leads to a 404 on the Simtel site.

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