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Back in the day, if you had a bunch of photos they probably stayed tucked away in a shoe box. If you were really motivated, you might go buy a photo album and stick some of them in there, but eventually you ran out of album–or money–even though you never ran out of pictures. With digital photography taking over the job formerly held by snapshots, you need to look for a different solution. I suppose you could burn all your photos to CDs and then stick them in a shoe box, but that wouldn't probably be the best use of technology. Electronic photo albums seem a much better solution.

Jalbum is both software and a service. You can download the Java-based application and build your own digital photo album. Once it's done, publish your handiwork directly to their site, or you can upload your album to just about any other site on the Web. The app is fully skinnable, which lets you change the look and feel of your published album.

Jalbum is a free application and service. The desktop app is built in Java, so it'll run on just about any machine with a Java runtime: Linux, Mac, Windows, and more. The online service is free as well. You should be able to access it with any recent browser.

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