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If you need to move files from here to there, there are several ways to do that. Setting up an FTP server may be efficient, but it's certainly not the easiest way to get things going. Attaching files to an email message gets the job done, but once your attachments reach a size of around 1MB, it starts to get questionable about whether it's really going to get delivered to where you want it to go. There are several online solutions available as well. Add to that list GoAruna.

GoAruna touts itself as being the easiest way to share large files. You can use it directly from your web browser like many other services: enter the email address of your intended recipient, choose a file from your local machine, click the button, and it'll be uploaded to their servers and your target will get a unique URL that lets them download the file.

This service goes a step beyond that, in that it also allows your to upload files to be stored on their servers. Now instead of each file transfer being just a one-off transaction, you can put your files up there and share a password that lets them download directly. There's a Java-powered desktop app you can use to just drag-and-drop files to the server, as well as widgets and plugins for your Firefox web browser, your iGoogle homepage, and more. They claim to give you the ability to encrypt your files before you upload them, but frankly their site and app are pretty light on information, so we couldn't figure out just how to do that. Hopefully their documentation will improve over time.

GoAruna is a free service. The desktop app requires that your system have a recent Java installation. The browser interface works with most recent Web browsers.

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