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runs on Mac
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As low-tech as it seems, sometimes there's nothing as efficient as flash cards when it comes to learning piles of facts. It worked for you in the third grade when it came time to learn the multiplication tables, and it can work again today whenever you need to master a list of facts. Things have been upgraded, however, since the days of the index card and Magic Marker.

Cerebral Imprint is an app that lets you build virtual flash cards. Rather than printing them out, these cards live on your computer, but other than that, they work the same way: on the front a question, on the back an answer. Well, not really on the back—you don't have to turn your monitor over to see the answer! Your cards will support regular flash card question-and-answer items, as well as multiple-choice, and even fill-in-the-blank questions.

To keep things interesting, you can choose to use your cards the regular way, with you getting the question and having to figure out the answer, or you can invert it Jeopardy-style, getting the answer and having to figure out what the question is. In addition, you can mix-up the order of your cards, so you don't get into a rut—the answer to the third question is "42", unless, or course, that question doesn't come third every time.

Cerebral Imprint is a free Mac application. It runs under OS X 10.5+.

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