TreeSheets Free Form Data Organization

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Everybody's brain works a little differently. In the same way that "one size fits all" clothing doesn't fit anybody very well, one size solutions to data management aren't probably going to work the best for you either. A tool that lets you work in a way that makes sense to you will always be preferable.

TreeSheets is an interesting app that combines the best of spreadsheets, mind mapping apps, outliners, and more. By bringing in aspects of all of these tools, it can help you to get more done. You can organize your data hierarchically, so it's easy to keep related information together. Use it to build To Do lists, keep track of appointments, jot down random bits of information you need to be able to find—the possibilities are really endless. And the price is right, of course: it's free.

TreeSheets is available for Windows XP and Vista, as well as Linux (it's beta-level software), and OS X (alpha here, so you should expect some rough edges and maybe even be prepared for some data loss).

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  1. Minister Paul says:

    screenshots look interesting. i have mindmap and like it. this looks like it will work well. thank you

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