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Nobody likes broken stuff. Whether it's a car, a computer, or something more mundane, it's a drag when things stop working. One way that you can use to stay on top of potential problems is to keep track of your warranties. Whether you're looking at the standard warranty that often comes with a new purchase, or the so-called "extended warranty" that you can buy as an add-on, the only warranty that's really any good is the one that you take advantage of. But that doesn't have to mean that you now become a full-time warranty administrator.

Warranty Elephant is a free service that can help you remember everything related to your warranties—after all an elephant never forgets, right?. Sign up for a free account, enter your warranty information, and you're done. Now you'll always be able to get your warranty information without having to dig through the pile of papers on top of your desk, or wondering if you actually threw the paperwork away. In addition, they'll send you reminders as your warranty comes up for renewal or expiration.

Warranty Elephant is a free online service. It should be compatible with most modern web browsers.

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One Response to “Track warranty information with Warranty Elephant”

  1. Votre says:

    Seems like you’re giving up an awful lot of information and privacy for…well…nothing you couldn’t accomplish with a simple spreadsheet, a large envelope, or any note taking application.

    What’s the point of having something like this up online other than to provide the makers of Warranty Elephant with a nice pool of information for datamining?