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Keeping track of Jewish dates, and especially holidays, can be complicated when you live in a world of Gregorian calendars. While most calendars include important days in the Jewish year—Rosh HaShanah, beginning of Passover—there's always the complication that a given holiday actually began on the day before at sunset. And what about days that aren't holidays? Maybe you ought to look at grabbing a Jewish calendar.

Printable Jewish Calendar has a bunch of calendars to choose from. You can grab Jewish calendars with Gregorian (civil) dates on them, or Gregorian calendars with Jewish dates on them. You can choose whether to display Jewish holidays or not. Or you can go nuts and create your own custom calendar. Pick the month and year—either Jewish or Gregorian—choose whether to display names of days of the week in English or Hebrew, add in holidays, and you're set.

Printable Jewish Calendars are available for free. You'll need a web browser to grab them and a copy of Acrobat Reader, or other program that can open PDF files to print them.

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