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The virtues of archiving tools are well-known. You can save individual files, multiple files, or even folders or volumes full of files into a single storage archive, saving space in the process, and allowing you to move this single file around into storage or to transfer to another system. Creation of backups, packing away non-current source code, and many other uses are available to you. These tools also allow you to unpack these archives as well—after all, what good is a backup if you can't restore it when needed?

ArcThemAll is a tool that you can use to create and extract archives. As its name would suggest, it can handle archive files of several different formats. Along with the standard ZIP and 7z formats, it also supports UPX compression, which allows you to compress and decompress executable files. If space is at a premium, you can compress your program files, making those compressed files self-extracting. Now when you run your app, it will automatically extract itself into memory and run exactly as if it were a "normal" executable file.

ArcThemAll is a free Windows application.

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