DateLine onscreen calendar

runs on Mac
screenshot of DateLine

If your life is run by your calendar—and frankly in today's hectic world, whose isn't?—then the ability to get into your calendar quickly is probably pretty important to you. Sure, you can drag an icon into your Dock, click on it, and open iCal. But how about getting in there even quicker? Check out DateLine

With this tool running on your system, you get a transparent linear calendar at the bottom of your screen. Need to check on where you're going to be on the 22nd? Just double-click on "22", and you're into iCal, ready for action. Personalize your installation by tweaking the color of the background and text for your calendar. You can even decide how transparent it is, so that it doesn't get in your way.

DateLine is a free tool for Mac OS X. You need to be running Leopard (ver 10.5) to use it.

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